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Google's latest update means all websites that want to appear in searches on mobile phones must pass their mobile friendly test. Does your website pass?

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Google have made it 'Google Law' that, if you want to appear in Google searches in the future, your website MUST cater specifically for mobile phone users. If you do not do this, you will eventually lose your traffic gained from searches on mobile phones as your website will not appear.

As mobile roaming speeds continue to increase nationwide, the use of smart phones for searches is increasing hugely month on month. Many businesses see 50% or more of their traffic from Google coming through smart phone searches. Some emergency trades, plumbers, locksmiths etc. can see up to 90% of their traffic coming through these searches. Clearly, if they were to suddenly lose these potential customers, it would have a huge impact on their business.

What does Google mean by "mobile friendly"?

Basically, a website that caters specifically for mobile phone users will resize itself depending on what technology is accessing it.  So, if it is being accessed by a desktop computer, the website will be "served" to it by the server in its full size. If a smart phone is accessing the website, the website is clever enough to know this and it will be "served" to the mobile phone in a different format so it fits nicely on the small screen and no zooming in or out is required. Graphics, and other elements within the site are often resized and arranged for the best possible fit. These types of websites are mobile responsive websites and are fast becoming the industry standard.

All of our websites are mobile responsive by design.

If you want to see if your current website is mobile responsive and abides by the "Google Law", just go to the following link and enter your website address.  If it is not mobile responsive, do get in touch with us today as this can have an extremely detrimental effect on your website traffic and therefore your level of enquiries through your site.

Why else is Google so adamant that you must cater specifically for mobile phone users?

1. There are over 1 billion smart phones in circulation. 
2. 1/5 of all smart phone users NEVER access the internet by any other means. 
3. 95% of mobile users look up local information. 
4. 61% will call a business after performing a local search.
5. Mobile users have their smart phones with them all of the time. 
6. Mobile users have no patience at all! If they are waiting for a complicated website to load, chances are they’ll stop and go elsewhere.

How can Be Smart Media help you?

We design and build you a mobile responsive website that is automatically served to anyone accessing your website using a mobile device. Our mobile responsive websites are designed to provide the visitor with:

• An ultra fast loading experience.
• No need to zoom in and out, everything fits nicely on the screen.
• The most important information first.
• A click to call button to make contact instant and seamless.

By having a mobile responsive website your business can capture new customers who are always on the go, giving perfect access to your website wherever they!


£200 Cashback and 3x monthly instalments! Now every business can afford THE BEST online strategy and website design available.... Call us now!

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What our Customers say...

"Well I honestly could not be happier with my website or my mobile site. The Google Adwords campaign Be Smart Media created and manage for me generates most of my enquiries. I regard Be Smart Media as an integral part of my business... I could not do without them!" 
Joe Mason - Colne Turf Company (Fully mobile responsive website and pay per click campaign)
"Be Smart Media have recently completed my website for my construction business and it is by far the best website I can find in my sector. The attention to detail was excellent and advice provided second to none. I would recommend Be Smart Media to anyone."
James Boyd - J1 Construction (main website and pay per click campaign)
"I was at first sceptical about investing in more than just a simple website but within the first week of my new website being live and the Google Adwords campaign driving visitors to it, I was approached by an insurance company.  They had found me on Google and were impressed with my website. I am now working for them on a complete rewire worth in excess of £10,000! I'm sure there will be more to come too. What an amazing return!"
Craig Whipps - C T Plumbing and Electrical Ltd (fully mobile responsive website and pay per click campaign with Google)



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